Dear Angry Black Girl/Woman 

Hey there black girl with your coils that defy gravity and you skin that absorbs the sun. How are you today? Did you have a productive day raising your kids/ supporting your family and friends/ taking care of yourself by doing nothing at all/getting that degree/grinding at work?


Did you find that when you dropped your happy smile and just kept a normal straight face people told you to smile or asked you what was wrong? Or they just straight up said you look angry?

Did you find yourself smiling to stop the accusations that you were perpetually angry despite the fact that in actuality in the normal course of your days you have very little to smile about.

Well Hun, next time don’t smile and ask them to say something funny or friendly or ( as in most cases were you’re told to smile) say anything at all.

See I have spent most of my adult life  worrying about how I’m perceived and trying to avoid the angry black girl persona ( loud, passionate and clapping my hands to punctuate my sentences) but it’s 2017 and despite your best efforts that’s what you’ll be seen as and now’s the time to wear your angry black girl persona on your chest because no one else will come to your defence.

How many of us have had to endure the “you’re pretty for a black girl” or when you speak a certain way “you talk like a white person” ( which is untrue because even white people think I “talk posh”???) . Why is it then not okay for us to speak up against these statements?  Why is it I’m labelled angry because I don’t like what you’ve just said and I have the back bone to say it? Why does my passion scare you?

The truth of the matter is as a black woman in the UK you will often find yourself isolated and unprotected because it seems more likely that, even though we rush to protect and defend them when they are attacked, black men won’t do the same for us. They remain silent or even begin the angry black girl narrative so we can’t look to them for support.

The truth of the matter is using the sociologists Fran Ansley’s theory that women that take a traditional role are the takers of shit of the family it makes sense why black women are unsupported and often attacked by society as a whole. Our place on the social-economic hierarchy is the lowest so how dare we ask for better?

Being black and being a female makes you have to work twice as hard to have to achieve in the world of business. In fact, even if you reach the success of Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Council, you still may be mistaken for a cleaner; this speaks volumes in society on our perceptions of black women

Charlene Flash- Blogger Huffington Post 

So in a world where a successful black woman like Dawn Butler is still mistaken as a cleaner,( there’s nothing wrong with the cleaning profession but there is a problem with associating race with an occupation) why can’t we be angry why can’t we be passionate and why can’t we demand more?


Tawana (Fellow Angry Black Girl )

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