DGITCWTW: The Successful Mummy’s Boy

I know I promised these to be weekly blasts but your girls been busy with her new job. But I’m back a little more settled and hopefully I’ll have time to make good in my promise.

I met this particular man(S) on a work night out that was strictly meant to be girls only.

We bumped into each other on the dance floor and I had to go to the bar but he chased me around the club until I stopped to talk to him.

I saw that his wrist was straining from the effort of carrying his watch so of course I attempted to hustle him for a bottle for me and my girls.

The girls weren’t having it so after a short convo where I found out that he was a successful project manager from Leeds who moved to London after getting his degree from NTU,we exchanged numbers and parted ways.

In classic Tawana Fashion I lost my new phone ( that was a replacement of the other phone that I lost) and thought that I’d lost his number but, when I got my new phone his number has saved to the Cloud 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

So I messaged him and it seemed to be going well conversation flowing he was double texting me, sending good morning texts. The relationship progressed pretty normally. 2 months after meeting he came to visit me in Leeds. I lived alone so when he said he was getting a hotel I told him he could take the sofa.

The Sofa

Anyway the visit was pretty calm. He came in the evening so we ate then went to bed. He actually took the sofa even though he as 6″6 and my sofa was standard Ikea Kipplan Sofa.

The next morning however, things got a little weird. He had been telling me about how he had to sell his car so he was going to get his Mums car and borrow it for the weekend.

Calm. London’s an expensive city if you don’t use your car to commute it’s just an unnecessary expense.

So we went into town and got some shopping done. By this I mean your girl got herself a pair of Loubs and he got himself whatever lol I don’t remember 😭.

After we got food he said that his Mum was dropping the car off in town for him. Again calm I’m thinking we’re going into an empty car and he has his Mums spare key.


His Mum skrrr skrrrd and pulled up right near the Corn Exchange in a red Mercedes. HIS WHOLE MOTHER.

Please note that I was dressed like a Fashionova Hor at the time, Face Beat To Oblivion. I looked like a high class escort being taken on a lunch date and shopping trip. There were many shopping bags so she probably thought I was eating all of her sons money


S was like we’re gonna drop my Mum off at her house then we can go on our date. I was like cool I’ll see you at my house. Then he was like no come with us. His Mum also insisted that I came so guess what.

Tawana Tasmine Zendera was in the backseat of another vehicle being driven around by practical strangers.

I was high off the unexpected Loubs so I just let it be. There was further embarrassment when S had to have a quick lesson on how to drive his Mums car. But I can’t divulge multiple embarrassments in one post I might implode.

We dropped his mum off and went on our date it was cute but I was still mortified. Other things happened but honestly after that I didn’t care 😭.

We saw each other a few more times but there was no chemistry or spark between us so I ended things and we stayed friends but I still think about how short my dress was the day I met his mum 🙃

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