Tiniwana Talks

I don’t know how it happened but this little blog is officially 18 months old.

Massive shoutout to all 5000+ of you that shared, liked and commented on my posts. (yes even you who sent my first post, Letter To Mum(my) to my Mum in the hopes of getting me into some kind of trouble).

I’ve had a few emails from some of my followers about the lack of posts. The reasons I haven’t posted are quite loaded. First and foremost around the time i posted my last blog I started my graduate role as a Trainee Conveyancer ( That’s Property Lawyer to all you laymen) and I’ve been busy wrapping my head around the role, getting to grips with adulting and with this being my first Full-Time role it’s been A LOT.

I also had a time when depression and suicidal thoughts got the best of me and I couldn’t leave my room. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have gotten out of that if it wasn’t for my cousins K and Y reaching out to me and praying for me. I’ll be posting more about mental health this year because I honestly don’t think we talk about it enough and also my struggle with Faith and Christianity.

On the upside I moved in with the BoyF/MCM/PermanentBootyCall/TheGuyThatDoesMyLaundry/TheGuyThatEatsAllTheSnacks/Moosh. It’s been great so far but that’s another post for another day.

I got published on Lapp The Blog ( Leomie Anderson’s blog that co exists with her brand). https://www.lappthebrand.com/2018/10/exist-life-bisexual

So the point of this post is just to give you a quick little update and to make a promise to my followers that i will be more consistent. Again Thank You So Much for reading and following me.

S/o to Stormzy for inspiring me to use this as a medium to deal with my pain in a healthy and productive way and most of all thank you to my little support system for putting up with me.

Talk Soon,



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