Tiniwana Talks

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have gotten out of that if it wasn’t for my cousins K and Y reaching out to me and praying for me.

Love Island and Other Trash TV Shows: A Rant

So for the past 4 weeks or so there’s been a little show called Love Island airing at about 9pm everyday (except Saturdays)ITV 2. The show is pretty popular with its only viewings and ratings competitor being World Cup. If you haven’t seen or heard of the show ( seriously where have you been ­čÖé)Continue reading “Love Island and Other Trash TV Shows: A Rant”

Letter To Me RE: Letting Go

Before I start this┬ápost I’d like┬áto say how amazing the support and words of encouragement were after i posted the Dear Mum(my) post back in March ┬áThat article was a part of a healing process that was actually sparked by UK Grime and Hip Hop artist Stormzy and his song Lay Me Bare; “Like broContinue reading “Letter To Me RE: Letting Go”